Quartz Materials

Modern quartz countertops have a development history you may be unaware of. In its natural form, quartz is one of our most common minerals. It has a number of varieties as it can contain small amounts of other substances. Agate, amethyst, onyx and tiger’s eye are examples that are commonly used as gemstones.

Quartz is also used to make oscillators for timekeeping in wristwatches (among other items). In its pure form, quartz is unusable for countertops. It wasn’t until 1963, that the technology of creating engineered stone was developed by the Breton company in northeast Italy.

The process consists of blending pulverized natural stone aggregate with a mix of polymers, removing the air, then heating and shaping the material into slabs that have the hardness and appearance of natural stone. It is due to this process that quartz can take on the appearance of other natural materials like granite and marble.

Quartz countertops are more durable, less porous than granite and come in an endless variety of colours.

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