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“Making beautiful things you won’t take for granite”

When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, nothing says quality quite like a fine countertop. Whether it’s granite, marble, quartz or other materials, your countertops can be both beautiful and functional. Our commitment to you is that we will envision your unique style while making suggestions to compliment your existing decor. We will always offer competitive pricing and professional installation for a wide range of materials within your budget. We will also endeavour to make your project convenient, enjoyable and stress free. You have my guarantee! Owner / Operator Chris Holland.

Custom Fabrication

Do you need custom fabrication? We can provide that for you. Perhaps you want a special profile, or a granite or quartz countertop or an apron on the front of a cabinet below a vanity. Some customers want their gables cladded with the same material as the counter top and have it book matched. We can make almost anything happen for you. Bullseye the Granite Guy also does under mount custom sink hole edging for an under mount sink at an additional cost.

Completely Installed

We will completely install your granite or quartz counter-tops, mount sinks, back-splash, and drill your holes. As well, we will silicone granite or quartz pieces in place and a finish bead between the surface and back-splash to repel water from getting into the cabinets. Bullseye the Granite Guy will make sure that your cabinets are cleaned, your floor is cleaned, and a thorough wipe down of all installed counter-tops are done before we leave.

Are you Interested in a Granite Countertop?

Granite is heat, stain and scratch resistant. It is also hygienic and virtually maintenance free. It’s quick to install with minimal disruption for you and your family. What’s the difference between marble and granite? Marble is mainly a calcium deposit and granite is made up mainly of silica.


Do You Offer Installation?

Yes, we are granite installation specialists who can install your granite or quartz counter-tops professionally at a very affordable price.
How Can I Pay?

Cheque, etansfer, VISA, Mastercard, or cash. We ask that you pay 50% up front and the other 50% when your granite or quartz counter-tops have been installed.

How Do I Clean My Granite?

Soap and water are best for every day cleaning. Though we always seal our granite before cutting begins, oil, citrus, vinegar and red wine spills can leave stains. Always seal your granite with a water-based sealant after the first year and then every three to five years as needed.

Will My Granite Counter-top Stain?

No, it will not as long as it is sealed.A granite counter-top should be sealed every 5 – 8 years. If you are unsure on how this process is done, you can arrange an appointment with one of our technicians to come over and reseal your counter-top for you.

Can I Use A Knife On My Granite Counter-top?

Yes, it will not scratch, but you may find you will be sharpening your knives more often.

Do You Give Free Estimates? Yes.

What Is The Difference Between Marble And Granite?

Marble is mainly a Calcium deposit and Granite is made up of mainly Silica.

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