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Bullseye The Granite Guy Check BulletCustom fabrication

granite quartz counter topsCut out for drop-in sink

granite quartz counter tops Bullseye The Granite Guy Check BulletDrilled holes for faucets

granite quartz counter tops Check BulletCompletely installed

Bullseye The Granite Guy granite quartz counter topsStandard Eased Edge

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Bullseye The Granite Guy Check BulletAdvice on maintenance

Bullseye The Granite Guy Check BulletAdvice on cleaning

Bullseye The Granite Guy Check BulletHow to care for your granite surface

granite quartz counter tops

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is something out of the ordinary that a customer has requested. Example would be a special profile on a granite or quartz counter top edge and or sink cut out, mitered edges, or an apron on the front of the cabinet below a vanity, sometimes customers want their gables cladded with the same material as the counter top and have it book matched. Custom designs in the flow of edging, bump outs on cabinets and bumped out corners on island. Anything the customer has requested that maybe challenging to fabricate, Bullseye the Granite Guy can make it happen. Bullseye the Granite Guy also does under mount custom sink hole edging for an under mount sink at an additional cost.

Cut-out for Drop-in Sink

Cut out a hole in the counter-top without it being polished or fabricated to fit the sink, on top, of the granite or quartz surface. Bullseye the Granite Guy also does under mount fabricated sink holes for an additional cost.

Drilled holes for Faucets

Drilling holes for faucets in the kitchen may consist of 3 holes; 1 being the tap hole, 2 may be an instant hot water osmosis, and 3 may be a soap dispenser, these are drilled by hand with a grinder with a diamond drill bit of specific diameter. Bathroom vanities may have 1 hole for taps, sometimes 3 holes on a 4” spread or 3 holes on a 8” spread. Other times customers may request a Graumet hole be drilled (3” hole) in their kitchen granite or quartz counter-top for computer wires to travel through counter-top to computer from the plug in area.

Completely Installed

Bullseye the Granite Guy will 100% install your granite or quartz counter-tops, mount sinks, back-splash, and drill your holes. As well as, silicone granite or quartz pieces in place and a finish bead between the surface and back-splash to repel water from getting into the cabinets. Bullseye the Granite Guy will make sure that your cabinets are cleaned, floor is cleaned, and a thorough wipe down of all installed counter-tops are done before we leave.