Quartz Countertops


Selecting Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Have you considered quartz kitchen countertops? The kitchen is the centre of your home. As such, it gets a lot of traffic and endures much wear and tear, especially the countertops, thanks to meal preparation, food and drink spills, and more. You need a surface that can withstand anything that you throw or drop on it. Consider using quartz for your new countertops if this situation sounds like your home.

What are Quartz Countertops?

Unlike granite, quartz is not an entirely natural stone. It’s made of ground natural quartz combined with resin binders that strengthen the product. Nevertheless, because quartz countertops are engineered natural stone, they’re more environmentally friendly than other types if you buy your countertops from a local fabricator.

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The Big Advantages Quartz Provides

Quartz is harder than granite, which makes it more durable. In fact, it’s almost indestructible. Quartz won’t chip or crack as easily if you drop something heavy on it. Another advantage is that quartz is non-porous, so it doesn’t require periodic sealing like granite. That characteristic makes quartz kitchen countertops easier to maintain and also prevents harmful bacteria like e. coli from taking hold below the surface.

Other Reasons to Consider Quartz

As a manufactured product, quartz comes in a much more comprehensive range of colours than granite or marble, so it is easier to match your décor or achieve a particular aesthetic with quartz. Additional pluses include:

Better stain resistance to spills
Ideal for contemporary kitchens
Repairs are easier

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