Give Your Kitchen a Lavish Appearance with Marble Countertops

Trends come and go, but marble has been used in architecture for thousands of years. Selecting marble kitchen countertops will give your home a timeless elegance that will still be in style 100 years from now. It’s more affordable than you think, too. Thanks to new extraction techniques, marble is affordable for almost everyone.

Brightness Like No Other Stone

If you’re in the market for an all-white kitchen for your home’s centre, marble will provide a brightness that you won’t get with any other stone. If you want to achieve an all-white kitchen, marble is a perfect choice. It’s the whitest stone available and seems to have a glow that reflects light. Marble kitchen countertops are a good choice for making the entire area larger and brighter.

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Ideal Countertops for Bakers

If you frequently bake, marble kitchen countertops will become your new best friend as they stay naturally cool and always remain fellow room temperature. This characteristic creates the ideal work surface for bakers working with dough, pastries and chocolate. Marble is also heat-resistant. Your countertop will not burn, melt or otherwise become damaged, although it’s still a good idea to use a trivet to avoid placing hot pans directly on the surface.

Durable, Yet Easy to Cut and Shape

Marble is softer than some other natural stones, yet it still provides a hard, durable surface that, when properly sealed, will hold up to heavy kitchen use. Its pliable nature makes it easier to cut and shape, making marble ideal for fancy edge profiles and unique shapes as kitchen countertops.

Marble Kitchen Countertops for Vancouver Island Homes

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