Make Your Bathroom Special with Marble Countertops

Throughout the ages, marble has been equated with luxury and elegance. This classic stone will bring a level of sophistication to your home when you select marble bathroom countertops. Marble brings an aesthetic that few other materials can match as it comes in a beautiful display of colours, including classic white, rose, yellow, green, gray, and more. Turn your bathroom into the spa-like retreat you have always wanted with marble.

Makes Small Spaces Look Larger

Don’t hesitate to put marble countertops in a powder room. Marble’s lighter colours, especially white, make a small bathroom look bigger, so it’s ideal for small vanities. The patina of marble gives your space a warm and soft aesthetic. Marble ages well, giving you a worthwhile investment. It’s also available in a variety of price points, making it affordable for any budget.

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Marble Bathroom Countertops are Tough Enough for Families

One of the questions that Bullseye frequently gets is whether marble is tough enough for family bathrooms. The answer is yes. While not as hard as granite, marble is still incredibly durable and can withstand the rigors of daily routines if you seal it properly. After all, if landmark structures made of marble have lasted through the centuries, these countertops can withstand your family.

Marble Fabrication to Meet Your Requests

What do you want to accomplish in your bathrooms? Bullseye the Granite Guy loves special requests, and when you select marble bathroom countertops, the job is easier. Marble is easier to work with than other stones, so we can do unique edge profiles and provide interesting cuts that will make your bathroom special.

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